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Tie case system in Gadaba is %ery simple and It has only

Ll,   For nominative and possesive cases the nominal base

without an   inflexion is used.


ni: yy    pi : gi ni : y = I

is                     c?                 vif

so : w    pi: gi no : w = you

ma : yu   pi : gi = He

bogte!     pi : gi = she buffalo came

1.2.   possessive case

ni : y   diye : n      = my house


no : w gisi            = your dog

bogte : 1 susu : w = buffalo's leg

In  the   possessive   case the  III person  pronoun   take  a

connecting suffix / nu/

ma : ynu diye : n = his/her house

a : Jnu diye : n     = Their house

2.    In the objective and dative cases /pa : y/ will be added to

noun or pronoun.